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Recent Issue With 9Anime App

While watching anime on 9anime, you can run into problems such as “Server Error, try again please.” When the 9anime app is down due to a server error, you can notice the following error on the screen:

“API: server error, please try again”.

9Anime App

Why are you getting this error message? We’ll tell you some of the reasons behind the above error:

  • The AdBlocker has timed 9anime.
  • The 9anime app servers are currently inaccessible.
  • The data in your web browser is corrupted or obsolete.

Here Some Of The Complaints Raised By The Users Of The 9anime App:

A user has stated that he wanted to watch some anime series on 9anime, but he couldn’t get to the anime no matter which anime he chose and what mirror he gets. The issue saying “An error occurred, refresh the page please” keeps appearing in the player box of the screen.

Another one has made a complaint on 9anime stating that the animes are not getting updated. Even though it is confirmed that new episodes are out on Crunchyroll, there was no update on the 9anime website. In response to this query, it is answered that the issue was considered as a “returning issue” which has been caused due to a few back-end problems which are not able to push the updated episodes for user’s access.

The Adblocker Has Blocked 9anime App

Recent Issue

Perhaps you’ve enabled an ad blocker to prevent the irritating advertising from coming up while you’re watching movies online. However, it is possible that it would regard the content on 9anime as advertisements and then blacklist them suddenly. You may try removing the ad blocker to figure out this feature.

The 9anime Servers Are Currently Inaccessible

If something goes incorrect with the 9anime databases, you won’t be able to stream animated series on 9anime, and one representation is 9anime Server error try again, please. If that’s the case, you must wait until the problem has been fixed and the servers have returned to their usual state.

The Data In Your Web Browser Is Corrupted Or Obsolete

It’s a frequent reason. To resolve this problem, clear your cookies and cache.

We’ve gathered some ideas to solve the problem based on these potential triggers, which we’ll display in the next segment. However, before you pursue these approaches, please ensure your machine has an active internet connection. In this case, having an unrestricted internet connection necessitates disabling all firewalls and limitations on your device.

Method 1: Disabling the Adblocker

As the adblocker could create some conveniences for you, it may also be the reason for not able to access the 9anime platform. So the thing that you should do to overcome this issue is as follows:

1. Go to your web browser.

2. Here you could see the extension for the adblocker, which is available on the upper right side. Now, just click on it to proceed further.

3. Then select the option “Remove from Chrome”.

Now verify whether the issue is rectified or not. If the problem still exists, then try the next approach provided.

Method 2: Clearing Cookies And Cache In The Browser

The finest method to avoid the browser data which is corrupted is by clearing the cache and cookies from the internet browser.

1. Go to your web browser and open it.

2. Choose More resources > Clear browsing data from the three-dot panel.

Issue With 9Anime

3. Examine the stored images and files, as well as cookies and other web data.

4. Pick Simple data from the menu.

Finally, you should try using 9anime again after rebooting the internet browser to see if the 9anime Issues causing please try again disappears.

Method 3: Check the 9anime Servers’ Status and Wait

You wouldn’t be able to access 9anime as normal if the databases are down or have to be fixed. In fact, the maintenance details can be found in the relevant forums. If that was the actual source of the 9anime crisis, there is nothing you could do to remedy it as it is a 9anime problem. You have no choice but to wait for the problem to be fixed automatically.